Let people who have used insurent’s guarantor service before tell you!


Jennifer H.“I am a two-time customer of Insurent, and I can honestly say I’ve had the best experience working with the company. The team is personable, and they quickly qualify all applications. I am so grateful that someone has finally come to the rescue of us individuals who don’t meet the ridiculous standards city living places on its’ occupants. My roommates and I are 25 and it seems what we make is never enough to qualify for a luxury building. We need the luxury building b/c it’s nice to have that extra security being girls in the city. Sure, it’s an added expense during a move, but it’s completely worth it. I have relied on Insurent for the past two years for a couple reasons: 1 – the economic downturn left all our parents in a position where they could not financially qualify to guarantee our apartment, and 2 – we are all ready to be independent of our parents, and this lets us do that!

Mario A. “Insurent is THE sole reason my roommate and I were able to obtain a “Chicago-style” apartment in the middle of Manhattan. New York City rental requirements can be insanely stringent; making it very tough for even individuals with high earnings, high net worth, and great credit scores to find the apartment of their dreams. I am very happy I found Insurent and I highly recommend the service. (Also, it did not hurt that the key professional we worked with is a fellow MSU alum!)”

Rebecca W.”Without Insurent, I would not be living in my amazing findof an apartment. After weeks of looking at apartment, I found the perfect placeand applied, feeling relieved for the search to be over. That is, until myroommates and I were denied due to insufficient income. Our credit scores wereexcellent, but we could not get… enough guarantor money together to secure theapartment. The apt building manager then suggested Insurent, spoke highly oftheir repertoire with the company, and advised us to contact them. We did, andwithin less than 2 days, we had our apartment. Insurent worked with us tofulfill the apt building’s requirements, and even had people at the office inoff-work hours to accept our paperwork. What a relief! They are the perfect solution for ayoung professional moving into Manhattan.”

Zach J “I used Insurent 3 months ago to get an incredible 3 bedroom apartment. It is the best option for recent college grads who are successful and don’t want to use their parents as guarantors. The process was really easy and now I’m hopefully set for all future NYC apartments.

Arjun P. “I am an international undergraduate student and have two roommates but we had no guarantor based in US. Well we didn’t feel that this was a good enough reason for us to keep living in our university dorms for the third year. And then we found Insurent who believed the same, and as soon as we fulfilled their requirements which were very clear and student-friendly, the papers were ready and the deal was done! Thanks so much Ronald! Oh and extremely courteous and helpful staff!”

Inkun Y. “I needed a guarantor with an overly picky management company for a rental. Insurent stepped right in and problem solved the same day. They are fast and friendly”

Nicola G. “We’ve found a wonderful apartment in NYC but we are a start-up foreign company….with Insurent we got the solution in few days!!! fast, and so kind in helping us and in answering to all our questions.”

Jeremy L. ” I found a great apartment in Midtown, and ever though i could easily afford the rent, i did not qualify, insurent saved the day, and i managed to get the free rent offer in time, if you need and apartment and run into issues i highly recommend Insurent.