Testimonials – Insurent Lease Guaranty

Jennifer H.“I am a two-time customer of Insurent, and I can honestly say I’ve had the best experience working with the company. The team is personable, and they quickly qualify all applications. I am so grateful that someone has finally come to the rescue of us individuals who don’t meet the ridiculous standards city living places on its’ occupants. My roommates and I are 25 and it seems what we make is never enough to qualify for a luxury building. We need the luxury building b/c it’s nice to have that extra security being girls in the city. Sure, it’s an added expense during a move, but it’s completely worth it. I have relied on Insurent for the past two years for a couple reasons: 1 – the economic downturn left all our parents in a position where they could not financially qualify to guarantee our apartment, and 2 – we are all ready to be independent of our parents, and this lets us do that!

Mario A. “Insurent is THE sole reason my roommate and I were able to obtain a “Chicago-style” apartment in the middle of Manhattan. New York City rental requirements can be insanely stringent; making it very tough for even individuals with high earnings, high net worth, and great credit scores to find the apartment of their dreams. I am very happy I found Insurent and I highly recommend the service. (Also, it did not hurt that the key professional we worked with is a fellow MSU alum!)”

Rebecca W.”Without Insurent, I would not be living in my amazing findof an apartment. After weeks of looking at apartment, I found the perfect placeand applied, feeling relieved for the search to be over. That is, until myroommates and I were denied due to insufficient income. Our credit scores wereexcellent, but we could not get… enough guarantor money together to secure theapartment. The apt building manager then suggested Insurent, spoke highly oftheir repertoire with the company, and advised us to contact them. We did, andwithin less than 2 days, we had our apartment. Insurent worked with us tofulfill the apt building’s requirements, and even had people at the office inoff-work hours to accept our paperwork. What a relief! They are the perfect solution for ayoung professional moving into Manhattan.”

Zach J “I used Insurent 3 months ago to get an incredible 3 bedroom apartment. It is the best option for recent college grads who are successful and don’t want to use their parents as guarantors. The process was really easy and now I’m hopefully set for all future NYC apartments.

Arjun P. “I am an international undergraduate student and have two roommates but we had no guarantor based in US. Well we didn’t feel that this was a good enough reason for us to keep living in our university dorms for the third year. And then we found Insurent who believed the same, and as soon as we fulfilled their requirements which were very clear and student-friendly, the papers were ready and the deal was done! Thanks so much Ronald! Oh and extremely courteous and helpful staff!”

Inkun Y. “I needed a guarantor with an overly picky management company for a rental. Insurent stepped right in and problem solved the same day. They are fast and friendly”

Nicola G. “We’ve found a wonderful apartment in NYC but we are a start-up foreign company….with Insurent we got the solution in few days!!! fast, and so kind in helping us and in answering to all our questions.”

Jeremy L. ” I found a great apartment in Midtown, and ever though i could easily afford the rent, i did not qualify, insurent saved the day, and i managed to get the free rent offer in time, if you need and apartment and run into issues i highly recommend Insurent.

Sayuri S. “Insurent is a great option for those who can’t meet a landlord’s requirement or don’t have a guarantor. They are also extremely professional and efficient, which makes the whole process so much easier!

Spencer W: It’s unfortunate credit history isn’t transferred from Canada and with so many apartments needing credit history I had little chance without Insurent. Insurent helped take care of things quickly and made the whole thing a smooth process. 

Willie H. “I currently a Grad student and new to the NYC area I was a soldier dreaming big, of coming to NYC and becoming a big shot model, but the landlords would have none of that not paying with the GI bill! Long story short my nightmares were ended in the nick of time when I happened upon Insurent and now Im doing great in school working as a model and living in a wonderful apartment and it wouldnt be possible withoug insurent now if I could only book a few jobs!

Christopher D. “I needed to secure my apartment just before going on vacation, so time was not on my side. Thanks to the amazing team at Insurent (and my amazing broker) I was able to get the quick turn-around on the approval I needed.”

Gunner A. “Even as a recent college graduate, Insurent helped me get the apartment I wanted. Their agents are incredibly professional. Emails were returned within minutes and they happily

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answered all my landlord’s questions.”

Steve B. “I would be stuck in a rat-infested shoebox if not for Insurent. Thanks to them, I am able to live close to work, and in a great apartment that otherwise I would have not been able to jump through the management’s hoops for!”

John P. “My landlord had never heard of Insurent and was reluctant to sign on, but I desperately needed the cosign. Insurent was incredibly responsive and and walked my landlord through the process. It was a great outcome and resolved quickly.”

Carlos R M. “I just moved to NY from west coast! Even though my new job gave me a decent enough salary to pay for a place, I still couldn’t apply for a place to live on my own because of the NY rule of having to make a salary of 40 TIMES the rent!!!! This was something new for me that i had never heard of! In less than half a day, …INSURENT checked my credit quickly and now i can proudly say im living on my own! it wouldn’t have been possible with out INSURENT! WHY DON’T MORE PLACES DO THIS!? It’s ingenious! THANK YOU!!!”

Tushar K. “Insurent is awesome! =) I called and got to speak to their Vice Chairman / COO and he was super-helpful, providing me with answers to questions that had nothing to do with Insurent but rather had everything to do with renting an apartment in NYC in general. He stayed on the phone with me for over an hour and a half! The only problem I have faced in my apartment hunt so far as far as Insurent is concerned is not enough landlords accepting it!”

Genevieve K. “moved to New York from another country to start a new job. I didn’t have any paperwork to show aside from my letter of employment and contract. Initially couldn’t apply for an apartment due to the lack of paperwork. But with Insurent, we got our dream apartment!”

Cliff M. “My three roommates and I just graduated from college and didn’t qualify on our own for the lease on our dream apartment. Insurent solved all our problems–they helped us get our apartment and did it in under a week!”

Rebecca W “Insurent helped me get application approval within 2 days.

John C “Insurent was great! As a recent graduate applying with a couple roommates, our application was reviewed and approved within hours. It was such a relief not having to worry about the ridiculously high income quotas required by all the NYC landlords!”

Lux Haac “Without insurent, I’m not sure how I would’ve gotten such an amazing apartment :) They were very helpful and promptly answered any questions I had. They made my apartment search so much easier!”

Elizabeth W. Insurent prevents Tenant from losing her desired apartment:.- “I was planning to sign a lease on the new apartment that I wanted when the landlord surprisingly claimed that I did not qualify for some seemingly arbitrary reason… I was stunned and disappointed, but fortunately my broker was aware of Insurent. I called Insurent and  was originally helped by the founder of the company who enabled me to complete my Insurent application quickly, treated me very professionally and personally, and supplied me with the limited paperwork by email, and fully qualified me that day. I was able to sign the lease on my apartment the next day and was very happy that Insurent quickly solved my problem and enabled me to get my apartment which I was on the verge of losing.”

Adrianna P. Tenant gets to live in neigborhood where she is most comfortable:  “During my search for an apartment, I found the Ludlow building which was attractive and in the area I wanted to live. Unfortunately, when I applied, I found that I did not quite meet the landlord’s income test which seemed high.  I thought that I was not going to be able to get the apartment , but the landlord recommended Insurent as a way to qualify and get the apartment. I applied in 7 minutes, and there was no cost to apply, and I was quickly qualified on a preliminary basis within 20 minutes. Insurent requested only a copy of my driver’s license and some pay stubs which I immediately emailed back to them, and, a few minutes later, I was full qualified and landlord held the apartment for me. The next day I paid the guaranty fee to Insurent and will be moving into my apartment in a week. I was very happy with the easy way that Insurent enabled me to get the apartment that I wanted and that I was not forced to take a less desirable apartment in a different area. It is very important to me to live where I am most comfortable.”