If you live in New York City you probably have at least one apartment renting horror story. You probably even have that million-dollar idea to solve the nightmare — but as of today it only exists as a napkin drawing and you still need to find a place. Read on for five ways to lower the anxiety level for your next apartment hunt in 2010. (I’d say they might even eliminate your tension altogether but hey, you are a New Yorker — even if you do practice Qigong).

Insurent (www.insurent.com). Some New Yorkers make lots of money and have the privilege of choosing between apartments. Other folks have wealthy parents who act as a guarantor to lock in the digs of their dreams. For the rest of us, there’s Insurent. If you’re responsible and haven’t destroyed your credit, Insurent will act as your guarantor. So, although you might not make enough annually to qualify for an apartment, they’ll guarantee you as long as you can cover the monthly rent. Earn like a common man; live like a king.