According to multiple press and brokerage reports, rents in NYC, NJ, Chicago, DC and Boston remain at or near all time highs and vacancy rates are close to all time lows. Renters will once again face a very difficult rental market in 2014 and will have to be fully qualified if they are going to search effectively for the apartment they want.

Charles Schoenau Managing Director of?Insurent’s?rental cosigner service, elaborates: “Despite that incentives are being more frequently used by owners in 2014, I expect that renters will find that the 2014 rental market will not be much different from 2013 in that it will remain challenging to quickly secure an apartment in their favorite neighborhood. As usual, the summer influx of those starting jobs, students, internationals, retirees relocating from suburbs, and self-employed persons will be considerable and many renters will be seeking the same apartments. If any of these renters do not have their guarantor information in perfect order, they will be the losers in the apartment search hunt. More than ever, it will pay to be fully qualified with a guarantor ( if necessary) when you begin your search.”

With Insurent’s guarantor service, renters have the opportunity to be fully qualified without any cost when they start their search, and this enables renters to get their apartment quicker and with much less frustration. Renters who have any flaws in their application or qualifications will be at risk of losing their rental apartment to a qualified competitive renter and are destined to spend a longer and frustrating period of time finding their apartment. Now accepted in over 275,000 apartments in NYC and NJ, and now doing business in the metro areas of Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C., the Insurent Lease Guaranty has become a rental staple, helping people quickly qualify for their chosen apartment. In this rental season, Insurent’s service continues to be a vital tool to beat out other renters in a likely very competitive rental market.