Obstacle # 7- You are not employed or retired with significant cash liquid assets

Everyone knows that it is very difficult to rent an apartment when you do not have a job. ? Nearly all landlords prefer renters who work, and will require significant additional security (six months or more or 12 months prepaid rent in those buildings that can accept additional security/prepaid rent) for most non-employed persons even if they ? have significant amount of cash and liquid securities. ? In buildings that can’t accept additional security or prepaid renter, you will be turned away. ? As reference, most landlords will not accept? non-employed persons? as guarantors for their sons or daughters.

SOLUTION: Insurent Lease Rental Cosigner Service

? The Insurent Program issues guarantees for ? non-employed persons (foreign and US) with significant cash liquid assets.? Isurent will be your institutional guarantor so you? easily? and quickly get the apartment you want, and the landlord gets the protection they need.? Insurent only requires that you have cash liquid assets (here or abroad) ? of a minimum of 50x the monthly rent that you are seeking.? With the Insurent Guaranty,? you will only have to give the landlord the typical one month security and payment of the first month’s rent . The Insurent one time fee will typically approximate 82% – 90% of one month’s gross rent for non-employed US persons with good credit,

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and 110% – 115% of one month’s gross rent for foreign non-employed persons meeting the above test