The NY Times article, “Renters Should Be Sprinters”, makes a number of very important points about the short window of opportunity for renters to be successful in renting their apartment in NYC.  There are short windows of opportunity to rent an apartment in NYC because of limited supply and high demand. In addition, if you search too early, not all apartments may be listed, and if you search late, most apartments may be gone, and you will be forced to settle and can be quite disappointed. Therefore, you must have all your paperwork in order, have all the necessary money in your checking account, look hard at right time, know very clearly what you want, and be able decide in a very short time frame.

However, even if you follow this sound advice, you may still lose the race for the apartment you want! 

What was noticeably missing in the NY Times article is mention of the fact that very large numbers of well-prepared sprinting renters may also be very disappointed because they unexpectedly find out that they are not “qualified” in the eyes of the landlord. Nearly all

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Manhattan landlords require that the renter(s) make at least 40x the monthly rent and have a good US credit score.  

The Landlords almost always consider foreigners and US citizens without US credit to be unqualified and in need of a guarantor. Retirees are

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usually deemed unqualified because they do not work. Self-Employed people are very often deemed “unqualified” because owners consider their income too unpredictable in today’s economy.  Even if you are well off and do not need to work, you may surprised that you are “unqualified” in the eyes of landlords.  Of course, almost all students, US or foreign, are not qualified because they do not work. The list of unacceptable renters is actually far longer than this brief set of examples.  

The next shocking surprise for some renters is that your possible guarantor, (usually a parent, relative, or close friend)  does not “qualify” as a guarantor. Many owners will not take guarantors outside of tri-state area. Many landlords will not accept guarantors if they are retired regardless of their wealth. In fact, a guarantor almost always needs to earn from work 75-85 times the monthly rent to be “qualified”. (changes are made in these sentences from the blog that you posted) Foreign students and workers (and many US renters) find out their parents who are out of the area or overseas cannot qualify as guarantors, and moreover they  often cannot prepay the full year’s rent to qualify as guarantors. In addition, it is often not possible for them to put up 12 months security because of NYC real estate law regarding new  421-A buildings that are under the rent stabilization code and thus unable to take extra security or prepaid rent.  

All of this may seem to not make any sense, but it is the Catch 22 reality that renters and their guarantors face in NYC.

There is a smart surefire way to raise the odds that you do not lose your sprint for the apartment that you want. You need to have Insurent Guaranty in your wallet.

If you or your broker has any doubt that you are qualified for apartment in your price range, you can be qualified for free by Insurent Lease Guarantor service. Then, in the event you learn from the landlord that you need a guarantor,  you are ready and will not lose the window of opportunity to rent the apartment. You only have to pay Insurent when and if you decide you need Insurent as your guarantor. You pay shortly before you win the sprint and close on the apartment you want.