In NYC, nearly all new buildings built in the last 15 years are 421-A buildings. As a result, these

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buildings fall under the Rent Stabilization Code, which does not permit the landlord to accept extra security.   The only way to qualify for these highly desirable new buildings if you do not make the challenging 40x-50 x income test is to have a relative or friend be a guarantor. Even if you are the fortunate few who

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have someone that will be your guarantor, he/she is required to make 80-90 times the rent!

 Needless to say, many Americans, students, new job seekers or foreigners do not make the necessary income or have qualified guarantors so these buildings are out of reach. 

Until now! Insurent will act as your guarantor in these new buildingsThis is a tremendous new option that benefits thousands of creditworthy tenants who don’t make six figures themselves or have a rich guarantor. They can now qualify for these beautiful luxurious new buildings with the Insurent Lease Guaranty

In addition, the Insurent Lease Guaranty Program enables the landlord to fill up his new building much faster, enhancing his cash flow, without any additional risk.  

A Hollywood happy ending for all: the renters get the apartment they want but could not qualify for, and the landlord gets a tenant without risk and fills up his building faster!


You can use Insurent at all the following new buildings in NYC (along with thousands of others, to see click here!) :



Silver Towers- Silverstein Properties

Emerald Green- Glenwood Management

200 Water Street- Rockrose

Columbus Square- Columbus Square Management

1510 Lexington- Carnegie Hill Place

The Aire-200 West 67th Street- A & R Kalimian

The Corner-200 West 72nd Street- Gotham

The Ashley-400 West 63rd Street, Extell Development

2 Cooper Square- Bowery and East 4th Street- Atlantic Development

Port 10- Atlantic Development

119th and Third- Muss Development

1683 Lexington- NCY Management

The Stanton- Helm Management



The Brooklyner- Clarett Group

80 DeKalb Avenue- Forest City Rattner

184 Kent Street- JMH/Rose Associates

34 Berry Street- Rose Associates

110 Green Street- Green Street Development LLC