Rental Cosigner Service now serving Boston

The Insurent Lease Guaranty is pleased to announce that it is now providing its guarantor service for renters and owners in the greater Boston/Cambridge area in Massachusetts.

Jeffrey Geller, the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Insurent, commented, ?We have just started issuing guarantees in Massachusetts, and already have numerous buildings which accept Insurent. Although we are just beginning in Massachusetts, over the next 12 months Insurent expects to make many more owners and renters aware of Insurent?s ability to close apartment leases quickly for the benefit of all parties. The Boston Metro area has many international students, foreign employed persons, retirees, self employed people, and others who need a qualified guarantor to enable them to close their leases. Insurent is a great tool for both the renters and owners to close their leases quickly and easily and eliminates all financial risk to the owner. Insurent already has operated for over five years in the New York metro area including New Jersey. Insurent has also started providing its service to owners and renters in Illinois, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. ?

Geller further commented, ?We are very pleased to be working with Windsor Property Management in Massachusetts which is a large owner and property manager in multiple states including New York and New Jersey where they also utilize Insurent.?