Substantial numbers of condos are rented out by sponsors and individuals who own one or more condos. The owners of condos are concerned about the reliability of the cash flow from these rentals.  In cases where renters are self-employed, foreign renters, non-employed persons or don’t meet the owners’ financial requirements, the owner will require the renter to put up many months of security or prepay the entire rent.   The above groups of renters may not desire to rent the condo as they do not want to put up significant additional security or prepayment of rent.
Insurent is the win-win option that works for both the owner and renter.  The renter only has to pay a one time guaranty fee of approximately 75% – 85% of one month’s rent for U.S. parties, and approximately 110% of one month’s rent for non U.S. persons to have Insurent act as their guarantor.
The condo owner, at no cost, is guaranteed the full rent obligation by an A rated insurance company with $1 billion of surplus capital.   Insurent has issued guarantees for condo leases of all sizes ranging from $3,500 a month to over $25,000 per month.
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