What happens if I have a co-tenant or roommate?
If two or more roommates will sign a lease (i.e., act as signatories), and if one of the signatories intends to apply for an Insurent® Lease Guaranty, then all signatories must apply for a lease guaranty.

Once Insurent receives all applications that are required from signatories, each application goes through the evaluation and approval process. Insurent® requires separate applications from signatories because all signatories are bound to the rights and obligations under the lease.

A roommate who is not a signatory does not need to submit an application

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to Insurent.


If I have a roommate who will also be signing the lease, do we both have to apply for a lease guaranty, and pay fees?
Yes, you will both be individually responsible for payment of the Insurent® Guaranty fee. How you divide the fee payment for the Lease Guaranty between yourselves is at your discretion.


If my spouse or roommate has bad credit, but mine is good, will we still qualify for the Insurent® Lease Guaranty?
If your spouse or roommate is signing the lease, he or she must also complete an Insurent® application. Similar to when you apply for an apartment lease, if you file such a co-application, both of your applications will be reviewed. In any circumstance under which there is more than one signatory on a lease, credit problems for any of the applicants could affect the approval decision. In such cases, it is still possible to qualify with only the person having good credit being the signatory on the lease and the other person being solely an occupant. We may decide to put the occupant as a

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signatory on the Insurent Tenant Participation Agreement wherein both of you will be joint and severally liable.


I will be applying with my roommate(s) for the Insurent Guaranty. Do you look at the combined annual income of all of us or do we each need to meet the minimum 27.5x the monthly rent level.? 
We look at the combined annual income.